by Wild Torus

Viral Shadow [short video documentation]

–one part mirrored mosaic tunnel / one part digital + mechanical shadowroom–

//Viral Shadow invites visitors to step into an immersive, alternate space that mimics a wormhole escape from reality. Combining the magical, mysterious, and horrific, Viral Shadow–a full-on sensory public spectacle. Visitors first enter through a dark, velvety curtain. The tunnel is cave-like and fully covered with tiled and distorted mirrors. The space is crystalline with mirrors, dark but glowing with colored light at the other end. Wind in the entryway creates an ethereal atmosphere. // Upon entering the other side, one is confronted with a spidery, human-scale robot of a microscopic Virus. A human spider silhouette rapidly crawls from wall to wall. Grating sound reverberates throughout the room, echoing out into the tunnel. Foggy vapor immerses the visitor’s surroundings, taking on the appearance of a mysterious gas. After one has fully traversed the wild wormhole, they exit back out into their former reality.