by Wild Torus


Internet imagery and sound from Google search terms: “gun fetish”, “Second Life”, “Sims”, “K-pop”, “J-pop”, Plexiglas case, cinder blocks, corn oil, office paper shredder, 20 Jewish phone books, confetti, glitter, scaffolding, fan, body paint, lingerie, swimwear, sunglasses, utility gloves, reptile head, vintage German band jacket, multiple effects pedals, DMX light control board, colored lights, 2 stereo amplifiers, 2 JL subwoofers, 2 Kicker subwoofers, subwoofer amplifier, Mitsubishi projector, Macbook Pro (with Retina display), Nikon D5100 digital camera, Manfrotto tripod, cords

[performance documentation]

WILD TORUS w/ <eller, Goldie Salimkhan + The Cocoon Project

It Self-Destructs at Midnight / Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival

Silent Barn / July 2013

Videography / WashMachine