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WILD TORUS at JACK, part of mini-BIPAF

Let me tell you, “wild” in @wildtorus is a serious understatement. These guys are bat-sh*t crazy, that’s for sure - but there is a startling spark of genius in what they are doing. Oscillating wildly between the sublime and the ridiculous, between a shamanic ritual and an insane drunk party, their act is ecstatic and exhausting at the same time. Their tactics is sensual overload; their esthetics is neon trash; there is no limit to what they can do, and all this using stuff you can get from a dime store. Some of the visual ideas (giant blob of fabric! mirror-faced monster!) would give terrygilliam a serious run for his money. Watching them do their thing last night made me think of many phenomenal madmen, most of them now dead or reformed: of Hermann Nitsch and Rudolf Schwarzkogler, of josephbeuys, of Genesis P.Orridge and Temple of the Psychick Youth — and even of marinaabramovicmademecry before she was famous, rich and obnoxious. And, of course, of Grotowski with his uncompromising vision of his total theater that never ends and encompasses everything, devouring live and shitting out art. It doesn’t quite make sense, I know — but I am still recuperating, and I still quite not believe that was for real, with all of us ending as performers at the end, and Gagarin finally descending back to Earth, and a huge, fantastic, sticky, sexy, gooey mess that probably is still being dealt with as I write this. My special shoutout goes out the fabulous Anaze Izquierdo - you’re gorgeous and fearless, and I want to meet you. If you ever have a chance to see these guys, do it. And expect the unexpected.

[A short video from their show at jackarts to come soon; now I have to come to my senses.]

she iz spot on!!

by Wild Torus


Internet imagery and sound from Google search terms inc. “twerkin boppin”, “Pope Francis”, “Innerspace”, “Trichotillomania”, “Kirklian photograph”, “tesla coil”, “colonoscopy”, “tetragrammatron”, "Yuri Garagarin first space voyage", 2 screens (reverse projection), cuboctahedron cage, lazer, Bowflex® cables, rappel harness, carabiners, winch, wood, wire, tape, reflective Mylar, mirrored Plexiglas shards, body paint, fabric, light ropes, aluminum paint buckets, oil (vegetable), duct tape, large trash bag, paint suit, antique gas mask, microphone, DMX light control board, colored lights, 2 stereo amplifiers, 2 JL subwoofers, 2 Kicker subwoofers, subwoofer amplifier, 2 projectors, Peavey amplifier, Macbook Pro (with Retina display), cords

[performance documentation]

WILD TORUS w/ Goldie Salimkhan + Raquel Du Toit

IийERSPɐCE / April 2013

Wall paintings by Adrian Tone

Videography / Brad + Margaret