by Wild Torus


Internet imagery and sound from Google search terms: “heavy metal screams”, “Mariah Carey”, “strip mining”, “Justin Timberlake”, “Second Life”, (projected video inc original WT video), projection screen, wood, wire, found gold and black pedestal, PVC pipe, blank CD, colored latex paint, penis gourd, unicorn horn, plastic wrap, dog leash with choke collar, vintage platform shoes, men’s suit, Fedora, necktie, halter dress, combat boots, sheep head, wolf head, large sports net, colored lights, Mitsubishi projector, Nikon D5100 digital camera, Macbook Pro with Retina display, Manfrotto tripod, cords

[performance documentation]

Circus of Dreams / Performance HEART

Bizarre / 9.11.13

Videography / Shannon DuVall

(banned from YouTube >> upgraded to DailyMotion)