meaningless digital script

by Wild Torus

[video installed in Get Rich or Die Mayan]

by Wild Torus


10 boxes of raw clay, text to speech sound recording, Wingding symbols, mirrored Plexiglas, Jungle Juice, cheapest pack of plastic cups found, synthetic fabric, vinyl, cotton, welded steel pipe, Bowflex® cables, found gold and black furniture piece, artificial Poinsettia, paint (acrylic + pigment), multiple paint brushes and containers, reflective Mylar, plastic sheeting, wood, tape, colored lights, DMX light control board, Chauvet fog machine, stereo amplifier, subwoofer amplifier, 2 JL subwoofers, 2 Kick subwoofers, 3 projectors, 2 stereo speakers, Nikon D5100 digital camera, tripod, Panasonic tape video camera, Macbook (2006), cords

//We performed for 3+ hours for Open Studios in the context of post-Hurricane Sandy to feel closer to the storm that seemingly affected everything around Pratt Institute–but not itself. The performance borrows from common celebratory rituals born in American universities and builds them into a contemporary ceremony for the coming of the ancient Mayan apocalypse on December 21, 2012//

UPDATE 2/15/13::

WILD TORUS / <eller / Loney Lauren Abrams in the >klay pit<

MFA Studios / November 2012