Wild Torus

is a collaborative platform of artist-shamans, led by Vlady VØz Tokk and Mág Ne Ta, who work to create chaotic, cult action happenings within multi-sensory installations. WT aims to create a shared, collective experience with audiences, utilizing a combination of digital and physical means to commemorate traumatic and mystical events that occur in the universe as a whole. Through working in the ephemeral, WT’s constructed experiences reach beyond its participants’ consciousness and corporeal position in society. The rituals activate a liminal space-time to deconstruct targeted events in contemporary reality, which have been distorted through media sources and the Internet, and requiring alternate manifestations. Ultimately, the coming together of WT’s clashing identities, invented tools, cryptic symbols, and physical renderings through ritualistic experience erupts into an extreme, dystopian spectacle.

the eccentric brainchild of female and male counterparts and their collaborating spawn, on a descent into an apocalyptic abyss of digital and sculptural ARTifice, working out of Capitol Beltway inbreeding in a post-Cold War malaise of Soviet bloodlines, mental contortion in the American South, abandoned wormholes in second languages, etc.

WT es un invento excéntrico de homólogos femeninos y masculinos y su spawn colaborativo, en un descenso a un abismo apocalíptico de artificio digital y escultural, trabajando con la endogamia del Capitol Beltway, en un malestar posterior de la Guerra Fría, entre líneas rusas chocando, contorsión mental en el Sur de los E.E.U.U., agujeros de gusano abandonados en lengua castellana, entumecimiento suburbana gradual, hiper-estímulos urbanos, etc, etc.

WT является эксцентричный детище женщин и мужчин и их сотрудничество икру, на спуске в апокалиптической бездны цифровой и скульптурные хитрость, разработка инбридинга Capitol Beltway, в пост-холодной войны недомогание, столкновение между родословные русских, психические искривления на американском Юге, брошенных кротовых нор в кастильском языке, постепенное онемение пригородных, городских гипер-стимулы, и т.д., и т.п..